Clovis Collection by James Devereux

12th February 2016

Monolithic in presence, the Clovis Collection is the result of laboured experiments by the artist to be able to literally chip the glass like stone. A blow too hard would simply shatter the piece, too light a tap would crush the surface. After perfecting this unusual technique, the results are breathtaking, smooth lines are juxtaposed with the haphazard. After flame polishing, the meandering edges despite their appearance are not sharp but smooth to the touch.

Works for sale


Clovis in aqua and jade, unique, 75cm, high, £5000


Clovis in yellow, unique, 61cm high, £2500


Clovis in blue, steel and plum, unique, 70cm high, £7500


Clovis in bronze, unique, 72cm high, £3500


Clovis in plum and steel, unique, 70cm high, £5000


Clovis in blue and tobacco, unique, 74cm high, £5000


Clovis in tobacco, unique, 25cm high, £2500


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