Stellar by Lena Bergström for Kosta Boda

23rd November 2016 - 14th January 2017

The initial Planets were created in 2001 and like the film, Lena Bergström embarked on her own creative odyssey, one that would see her continue to make these right up until the present day. The first art works were unveiled at Vessel Gallery and on arrival this unique collection was yet to be titled, Lena’s universe was without a name. Inspired by each piece’s unique shape, fluid lines and other worldly presence, Nadia Demetriou Ladas - Vessel Gallery Founder - suggested Planets and the rest is history. The perfect title for this iconic body of work.

Since then, Lena has revisited this concept several times and is often influenced by the seasons or will take a certain theme as her inspiration. The common thread binding all works, is that they challenge and push the boundaries of glass making. An achievement made only possible through Lena’s long-time collaboration with the skilled glassblowers and mastercutters of Orrefors & Kosta Boda.

Now for a fifth time, Vessel Gallery is host to the latest stars to be created by Lena. Her Stellar Planets are possibly her most audacious to date with some combining daring forms with metallic lustres. To counter balance the drama, there are also pieces as if sculpted from light itself, capturing an ethereal mix of translucent hues. As with our own solar system, no two Planets are the same, from conception to blowing, from cutting to embellishing, they are simply a wonder as to how they ever came in to being.

In the words of the artist;

‘I want each Planet to be unique and beautiful. Like us humans.
We all come from one egg with different content and then we are cut
into different characters. We become our own small planets.

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